Club History
Al-Fateh Club was founded in 1378 AH by a group of young amateurs who were united by their love and passion for practicing football in one of the neighborhoods of the city of Al-Mubarraz, and on the tenth of Shaaban of 1388 AH, the Youth Welfare of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs issued Resolution No. 776, in which the club was adopted within the sports clubs in the Kingdom and called it (Al-Fateh Club) and its three colors were chosen: Green, White, Blue

On 22/1/1414 AH, the General Presidency of Youth Welfare issued a decision to implement the model facility of the club, and His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Fahd, President General of Youth Welfare at the time, was honored to lay the foundation stone in the center of the city of Al-Mubarraz in the former Al-Manah neighborhood (Al-Fath neighborhood) currently, and on an area of 150 thousand square meters.

In 1421 AH, the sports facility, which is one of the best model headquarters in the Eastern Province, was completed, to be a fertile hotbed and a spacious field for young athletes, and this facility contains the headquarters of the club's president, offices for board members, a spacious chapel in a beautiful style, a library, a closed games hall for handball, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, a swimming pool, and a wonderful sports stadium for football.

Al-Fateh Sports Club is nicknamed the model club because of the distinction of the different games that surround its walls.
Football, basketball, swimming, cycling, table tennis, taekwondo etc
Since the inception of the club and through the march of struggle, the club has produced a large number of players and coaches who participated in the Saudi teams and made high sporting achievements.

Organizational Chart

Al Fateh Club Strategy